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Re: [vile] Help the poor windows user!

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: [vile] Help the poor windows user!
Date: Thu, 13 Dec 2018 17:44:28 -0500
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On Wed, Dec 12, 2018 at 12:31:48PM +0000, Gavin Holt wrote:
> Hi
> I am grateful that you take the time to provide a win32 executable ( I
> don't have the skills to compile code). Of all the console based editors
> vile has the best screen/mouse functionality under Windows, it appears to
> have the most customisable UI and it is the fastest to load!
> The macro language and list of all commands offers the opportunity for a
> life time of incremental improvements to the practice of text editing. It
> is obvious to me that proper editing requires a command line - you can only
> have so many nested menus! The web site is helpful and I have tried to
> reference the available documentation.
> My problem is that I would like to reassign some keys bindings to match my
> CUA / windows muscle memory, but my attempts are not going well. I am using
> a standard 101/102-key PC keyboard under windows 7/10. I am obviously doing
> something wrong:
> ; --- Modeless key bindings ---
> bind-key goto-line ^G ; how to ask for line number?
> bind-key next-buffer ^I ; Works
> ;bind-key next-buffer ^TAB ; Fails to load
> bind-key write-changed-buffers ^W ; Fails
> ; --- Insert mode key bindings ---
> bind-insmode-key goto-bol FN-H ; Works
> bind-insmode-key goto-eol FN-E ; Works
> bind-insmode-key goto-beginning-of-file ctrl+FN-H ; Works
> bind-insmode-key goto-end-of-file ctrl+FN-E ; Works
> bind-insmode-key search-forward ^F ; Fails
> bind-insmode-key undo-change ^Z ; Fails
> ; --- Command mode key bindings ---
> bind-cmdmode-key goto-bol FN-H ; Fails
> bind-cmdmode-key goto-eol FN-E ; Fails
> bind-cmdmode-key goto-beginning-of-file ctrl+FN-H ; Fails
> bind-cmdmode-key goto-end-of-file ctrl+FN-E ; Fails
> bind-cmdmode-key edit-file ^O ; Fails
> Although you may recommend abandoning myself to the "vi(le) way", I would
> be grateful for pointers to some documentation explaining how to map keys -
> written for a windows user used to ctrl/shift/alt modifiers and "normal"
> function/navigation key descriptions. I will try multi-key bindings in the
> future but only if I can get passed these hurdles.
> Any pointers to examples or a translation table for the key descriptions
> would be welcome. Please note I like the console version not winvile.

These (same feature) show the predefined keys:


Known keys are internally defined to associate them with "real" keys.

But for determining what's a workable binding, I'd use something like one of
these commands

        :bind-key describe-key K
        :bind-key describe-insmode-key K
        :bind-key describe-cmdmode-key K
        :bind-key describe-selmode-key K

to temporarily assign "K" to promoting for the keys to verify.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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