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[vile] Help the poor windows user!

From: Gavin Holt
Subject: [vile] Help the poor windows user!
Date: Wed, 12 Dec 2018 12:31:48 +0000


I am grateful that you take the time to provide a win32 executable ( I don't have the skills to compile code). Of all the console based editors vile has the best screen/mouse functionality under Windows, it appears to have the most customisable UI and it is the fastest to load!

The macro language and list of all commands offers the opportunity for a life time of incremental improvements to the practice of text editing. It is obvious to me that proper editing requires a command line - you can only have so many nested menus! The web site is helpful and I have tried to reference the available documentation. 

My problem is that I would like to reassign some keys bindings to match my CUA / windows muscle memory, but my attempts are not going well. I am using a standard 101/102-key PC keyboard under windows 7/10. I am obviously doing something wrong:

; --- Modeless key bindings ---

bind-key goto-line ^G ; how to ask for line number?
bind-key next-buffer ^I ; Works
;bind-key next-buffer ^TAB ; Fails to load
bind-key write-changed-buffers ^W ; Fails

; --- Insert mode key bindings ---

bind-insmode-key goto-bol FN-H ; Works
bind-insmode-key goto-eol FN-E ; Works
bind-insmode-key goto-beginning-of-file ctrl+FN-H ; Works
bind-insmode-key goto-end-of-file ctrl+FN-E ; Works
bind-insmode-key search-forward ^F ; Fails
bind-insmode-key undo-change ^Z ; Fails

; --- Command mode key bindings ---

bind-cmdmode-key goto-bol FN-H ; Fails
bind-cmdmode-key goto-eol FN-E ; Fails
bind-cmdmode-key goto-beginning-of-file ctrl+FN-H ; Fails
bind-cmdmode-key goto-end-of-file ctrl+FN-E ; Fails
bind-cmdmode-key edit-file ^O ; Fails

Although you may recommend abandoning myself to the "vi(le) way", I would be grateful for pointers to some documentation explaining how to map keys - written for a windows user used to ctrl/shift/alt modifiers and "normal" function/navigation key descriptions. I will try multi-key bindings in the future but only if I can get passed these hurdles.

Any pointers to examples or a translation table for the key descriptions would be welcome. Please note I like the console version not winvile.

Kind Regards


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