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[vile] text hightlighting in Perl 5.12+

From: Steven Lembark
Subject: [vile] text hightlighting in Perl 5.12+
Date: Sat, 12 Oct 2013 14:23:46 -0500

Text is any of:

    q[delimeter] ... [delimeter]
    qq[delimeter] ... [delimeter]
    qw[delimeter] ... [delimeter]

Where "delimeter" is the first non-whitespace char; open-close pairs 
(e.g., (), {}) can be used or a single-char delimeter can be repeated.

I can tell if the input is Perl code via:

    define-majormode perl
    remove-submode perl cindent
    ~with define-submode perl
        preamble    '^#!.*perl'
        suffixes    '\.\(pm\|t\)$'

Q: What is the correct minimal filter syntax for hiliting only the text?

Note: Due to version issues with the perl compiler it is difficult
to properly hilite the reserved workds since they are version 
dependent based on the "use vX.Y". 


Steven Lembark                                             3646 Flora Pl
Workhorse Computing                                   St Louis, MO 63110
address@hidden                                      +1 888 359 3508

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