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Re: [VM] Are there plans to release 8.2?

From: John Stoffel
Subject: Re: [VM] Are there plans to release 8.2?
Date: Fri, 24 May 2013 10:41:31 -0400

>>>>> "Uday" == Uday Reddy <address@hidden> writes:

Uday> John Stoffel writes:
>> As far as I'm concerned, the problems I see lately are:
>> - on startup, vm doesn't auto-load vm-reply properly.  It's probably a
>> stupidly simple bug, but it's annoying.  Basically I have to 'r'eply
>> to a mesage before 'm' to create a new message will work.

Uday> If you start up by doing M-x vm, then everything starts up just
Uday> fine.  The only time I know where this doesn't work is if you
Uday> start VM by running mail-user-agent, perhaps by clicking on a
Uday> URL somewhere.

All I know is that it doesn't work for me.  I have:

  (require 'vm-autoloads)

in my .emacs file.  I guess I need to chase this down and see what's
happening here.  Maybe I have a corrupted one, or an old one in my
emacs search path which is screwing things up.

>> - IMAP support so that vm-visit-imap-folder will ask for a password
>> properly.  I figure using the code that vm-list-imap-folders uses
>> would be enough, but my elisp skills are non-existent.

Uday> What you are looking for is automatic password management.
Uday> Emacs does it by using EasyPG (a gnu encryption library).  I am
Uday> attaching an extract from the VM manual that describes how to
Uday> set it up.

Umm... so how come 'vm-list-imap-folders' properly asks for my
password, but 'vm-visit-imap-folder' does not?  I have to list my
folders first, then I can visit the folder.  

>> - Fix IMAP support when run against exchange mail servers.  If I read
>> a message, and file it locally, it seems that Exchange doesn't like
>> that command, and VM can't handle it either.  I have to go through,
>> find all the filed emails and delete them before I can get VM to save
>> properly.  

Uday> Looking back at that discussion, I find that we discovered that your
Uday> Exchange server was misbehaving.  I asked you for information on how VM
Uday> breaks as a result of it, and haven't heard from you since.

Sorry, my fault.  I was trying to come up with a repeatable test case
that was easy to show the problem.  I *seems* to be because I do:

- vm-visit-imap-folder
  - read a message
  - file the message to a *local* folder.
  - then expunge any changes with vm-expunge-folder followed by
    vm-save-folder.  It's the vm-save-folder which seems to try to
    update the imap flags.  Exchange fails the update command and
    vm doesn't seem to properly flush all the changes.

But it's not quite clear to me what the root cause is.  I'll try to
get a test case for you, to make it more clear what's going on.  But I
wonder if vm is just seeing the errors from the IMAP connection, and
assumes that all the commands failed?   And it's not clear when it's
going to update it, because I just read a new message and filed it to
a folder, but it worked.  

And even with multiple seen/saved messages it works, even though the
trace log shows:

   VM STORE 929 +FLAGS.SILENT (filed)
   VM BAD Command Argument Error. 11
   VM STORE 930 +FLAGS.SILENT (\seen filed)
   VM BAD Command Argument Error. 11

So I wonder if maybe it's when more than X number of failures happens
that causes my issue?  It seems to have when I have more than 10 or
save seen/filed messages, but that's just a guess.  I'll see about
getting more details.

But this all just ignores my root question, why don't you release what
you have now as 8.2.0c so we can see what's coming down the pike?
Release early and often!


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