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Re: Inclusion of gprolog.h causes severe namespace pollution

From: Daniel Diaz
Subject: Re: Inclusion of gprolog.h causes severe namespace pollution
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2004 18:09:21 +0200
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Roberto Bagnara wrote:

Hi there,

gprolog.h defines macros such as

#define B                       (((WamWordP *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+0])
#define H                       (((WamWordP *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+1])
#define CP                      (((WamCont  *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+3])
#define E                       (((WamWordP *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+4])
#define CS                      (((WamWordP *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+5])
#define S                       (((WamWordP *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+6])
#define STAMP                   (((WamWord  *) reg_bank)[NB_OF_X_REGS+7])

which then remain in the namespace.  The probability of conclict
with user's code is quite high, and I have been bitten a couple
of times already.  Can something be done about that?
All the best,


That's true and will be modified in the future. For now you can undefined those symbols after the #include gprolog.h... Only a workaround...

                 Daniel Diaz
University of Paris 1      INRIA Rocquencourt
75013 Paris FRANCE      78153 Le Chesnay FRANCE
        email: address@hidden

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