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Logtalk 2.17.0 is now available for downloading

From: Paulo Moura
Subject: Logtalk 2.17.0 is now available for downloading
Date: Mon, 26 Apr 2004 14:19:19 +0100


Logtalk 2.17.0 is now available for downloading from the Logtalk web site:

This version features a built-in debugger (implemented as a pseudo-object) and a set of shell scripts for improved packaging, installation, and integration of Logtalk with selected Prolog compilers. In addition, Logtalk can now be installed on Linux using a RPM package and installed on MacOS X using an Apple Installer package.

From the release notes:

* Added built-in debugging support implemented through the definition of a new pseudo-object named "debugger". Added "debug" compiler option. Renamed library entities "debuggerp" and "debugger" to, respectively, "event_dbgp" and "event_dbg".

* Improved installation instructions for multi-user environments. Added a shell script for installing Logtalk in Unix and Unix-like operating systems. Added a shell script for copying Logtalk xml, examples, and library directories to the user home directory.

* Added a logtalk.spec file for building Linux RPMs from sources.

* Added a set of shell scripts for easy integration of Logtalk with ECLiPSe, GNU Prolog, Qu-Prolog, SICStus Prolog, SWI-Prolog, and YAP.

* Corrected bug in the definition of the pseudo-object "user" that resulted in mixed up metapredicate and type predicate properties.

* Removed config files for outdated versions of Qu-Prolog, SWI-Prolog, ECLiPSe, K-Prolog, CIAO, YAP, Amzi! Prolog, LPA Win-Prolog, SICStus Prolog, and XSB.

The CVS tag for this release is "lgt2170".

Happy logtalking!


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