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[uracoli-devel] Introducing myself and my project

From: John Duksta
Subject: [uracoli-devel] Introducing myself and my project
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 10:42:01 -0400

Ahoy hoy uracoli developers,

Just joined the list, as I'm developing an RFA1 based board that will be the 
badge for QuahogCon 2011. We're a hacker con in Providence, RI, USA. Last year 
we did a MC13224v based badge, but I'd like to provide something Arduino 
compatible to make it more accessible for badge hacking at the conference.

I've built the development board using the Dresden module. We'll be doing the 
production run of the badges with the raw RFA1 chip for cost purposes. Those 
Dresden modules are too expensive to use for something we're going to make ~300 

I'm doing the bulk of my dev work on OS X, so I can help out with OS X testing. 
I'll also be doing some testing on Linux and Windows, as I'll want to provide a 
complete Arduino environment, including uracoli to our conference attendees for 
their hacking pleasure.

Now I'm going to take Charles Goyard's instructions on getting uracoli working 
with Arduino-0021 and see how I make out. I'll be sure to report in.


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