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[Tsp-devel] Download Area Restructuration: should be OK.

From: Eric Noulard
Subject: [Tsp-devel] Download Area Restructuration: should be OK.
Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2007 15:08:57 +0200

Hi all,

If I understand well during TSP Workshop we are not
living in a flat world so TSP should not...

I've just restructured the Download Area as suggested
by Frederik (Deweerdt) on a previous discussion:

The hurry people may just go to
and browse.

The one who wants to understand the rules of directories
and symlinks setup may read further.

2007/2/12, Frederik Deweerdt <address@hidden>:
Could it make sense to use :
   |-- prebuilt
   |   |-- java
   |   |-- linux
   |   `-- windows
   |-- documentations
   `-- sources

I almost stick to the proposed structure, with an added top-level

|-- prebuilt
|   |-- java
|   |-- linux
|   `-- windows
|-- sources

which contains symlinks to the content of:

   |-- prebuilt
   |   |-- java
   |   |-- linux
   |   `-- windows
   `-- sources


That means more disk space, as the
docs for example are less likely to change from one release to
another. Where are we wrt quotas?

Savannah hackers have answered that tsp size does not a problem
today so we can put in binaries. Should we face disk space
trouble we should remove older binaries.

Morevove symlinks are working so that we may add symlinks.
The rule I would devise for symlinks are the folllowing:



contains plain files and


contains symlinks to the former.


contains plain files and


contains symlinks to tsp/documentations/*

the directories content is voluntarily SPARSE.
Such that I did not create
if there is nothing to put in there.

these rules should:
 - minimize disk space
 - should be easy to use for either code or documentation
   since documentation have often been release at different
   time than code.

If anybody wants to suggest/do improvement, add more symlinks etc...
he is welcomed.

Welcome to the first step for a hierarchical TSP World :))


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