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Re: Improving

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: Re: Improving
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 15:24:05 +0200
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Le 02/07/2019 à 14:14, Ineiev a écrit :
>> So you mean that is useless? Suppose a coordinator
>> wanted to synchronize the team's Git repo. Can this be done on the
>> server, without using Gettext at all on his machine?
> Yes, this can be done on the server, without using Gettext
> on co-ordinator's machine,

Wonderful! I missed that footnote.

> I believe the potential user base is too small
> to justify the packaging efforts.  I can think of no more than
> 4 GNU teams who might take advantage of such packaging, and it
> would be definitely easier for me to add cron jobs for them
> in address@hidden than to produce a gnun-team.deb.

You are probably right. I didn't mean to produce a Debian package, but
only a small tarball. It wouldn't need to contain any Gettext element if didn't use gnun-diff-po (which calls
/usr/local/bin/msgcat). I'm not sure the notify target is very useful

The tarball would contain:
* the simplified,
* gnun-add-fuzzy-diff and add-fuzzy-diff,
* a script to create a www directory with POs, POTs, and,
* maybe a README with a step-by-step howto.

The tarball would be extracted at the root of www-lang. To be of any
use, everything should work out of the box. Too bad it uses Make.

(In fact, I do the same thing with 2 scripts that can be launched from
the taskbar. I tried yesterday on Turkish translations.
It doesn't look very promising.)

>> When I wanted to use msgcat and msgfmt 0.18.1, I found the binaries in
>> an old Debian package and copied them by hand to /usr/local/bin. Then I
>> tried to validate a few POs, and added the libraries that msgcat asked
>> for. And when I moved to another Debian-derived system, I copied the
>> whole thing again. No fuss.
> Why did you want to use old Gettext in the first place?
Because this is the one GNUN uses on the server for msgcat and msgfmt.
It has slightly different formatting rules, and I was fed up with French
POs being reformatted back and forth.

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