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Re: Improving

From: Ineiev
Subject: Re: Improving
Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2019 09:21:51 +0000
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Hello, Thérèse;

On Mon, Jul 01, 2019 at 02:35:30PM +0200, Therese Colburn wrote:
> I tried to figure out which files are really needed by
> and the scripts it uses. This is what I found:
> * a subset of www, with POs for a given language and corresponding POTs
> (assuming all the translations are GNUNified) + and;
> * gnun-diff-po and diff-po.awk;
> * gnun-add-fuzzy-diff and add-fuzzy-diff.
> The problem is that gnun-diff-po calls /usr/local/bin/msgcat and
> /usr/local/bin/msgfmt.

To be precise, it calls the configured executables; you can
install Gettext in your home directory or in the home directory
of your neighbor. this is what I like about (GNU Standards-compliant)
installation from the source code.

> On the server, this corresponds to version
> 0.18.1, not to the normal gettext installation. On the translator's
> machine, there is usually no Gettext tools in /usr/local/.

The dependencies are (incompletely) listed in;
besides Gettext, one would need at least GNU make which also
may not be installed.

On the other hand, translators needn't have anything of this
on their machines, those jobs may run on team's server, so
people just pull the files from the VCS (or download from cgit)
after processing.

> It would be nice if the gnun package provided version 0.18.1 of msgcat,
> msgfmt and required libraries ( and
> I don't know whether both are needed).

...for GNU/Hurd.

> Better yet: make a special package with only the files required by

I must confess I have zero experience with making binary packages.
to the best of my knowledge, if I were to package it (for some
distro), I'd still refer to its further dependencies like Bash
or awk.

> A script for checking out a subset of www would be a useful addition.
> Then of course the -d option of 'cvs update' would need to be removed.


> I replaced bg with fr in the TEAM_URL_PREFIX and TEAM_URL_POSTFIX, and
> tried this URL:
> Guess what... It worked, but the last update was on 2012-11-03!
> This is about the time we moved to Git.
> I'm not sure there is a generic URL to download the latest version of a
> file from a Git repo.

Doesn't this work?

TEAM_URL_PREFIX :=;a=blob_plain;f=

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