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Re: whatsnew woes

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: whatsnew woes
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2008 20:16:59 +0200
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Калоян Доганов wrote:
> Honestly, I do not understand how that "whatsnew" mechanism works.

It works very poorly, and was changed at Matt's request (and also to
get /server/whatsnew.html "templated").

> Would you outline it's basic idea, please?

This is how it works for the English resources (the new way).

1. /server/whatsnew.txt is the canonical source.  News items are added
there in plain text.
2. /server/whatsnew.include gets generated plus gnusflashes.include.
The former is #include'd in /server/whatsnew.html, the latter in
3. It is similar for the RSS feed.

Matt insisted that the XSLT generates an HTML snippet which could be
included in more than one page.  Also, it seems impossible to generate
a boilerplate-compliant page with XSLT.

This is a pretty nasty mechanism, because there is no way for it to
work with GNUN.  So translators basically have to duplicate the XSLT
for each language, and maintain translations of whatsnew.txt in plain

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