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Re: Replacing GNU-i18n-SLOT:

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: Replacing GNU-i18n-SLOT:
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 15:18:16 +0200

В ср, 2008-01-30 в 10:11 +0200, Yavor Doganov написа:
> probably we have to investigate this more. 

I still haven't had the time to look in detail, but it seems to me that
the only problem would be for translations that have to be updated (like, but where the corresponding schools.html hasn't changed.
Because schools.pot is considered up-to-date, committing an updated will skip that rule, and subsequently the po4a-translate,
sed and m4 invocations in the $(1).html recipe will do the wrong thing.

I suggest to wait and see what will be updated/added tonight and
eventually add the -B switch for tomorrow (this won't stop you from
working on Java-related translations as their .pot will be generated

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