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Re: Replacing GNU-i18n-SLOT:

From: Kaloian Doganov
Subject: Re: Replacing GNU-i18n-SLOT:
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 09:54:35 +0200
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Yavor Doganov <address@hidden> writes:

    As time goes by, they will be updated (at least most of them).
    Leave them as they are, it is annoying to force regeneration every
    time we change something.

I agree.  We really do not need to see those changes immediately.

    Hmmm, on second thought, po4a-translate will not do the right thing
    as it stands now.  Is that so?

I expect po4a-translate to remove the old slot names from PO- and
POT-files and insert the new ones marked as fuzzy.  Then we can manually
resolve the fuzzy issues in the PO-files and commit them.  This is the
right thing, isn't it?

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