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Re: Generated .xx.html files

From: Yavor Doganov
Subject: Re: Generated .xx.html files
Date: Fri, 04 Jan 2008 12:33:05 +0200

В пт, 2007-12-28 в 00:13 +0200, Kaloian Doganov написа:
>       It is questionable whether the processing of comments is ugly or
>       the comments are placed in a ugly way in our source files in the
>       first place. But we can still deal with the the whitespace side
>       effect by postprocessing the generated article.xx.html files
> with
>       a tool (some sed script, for example) that compresses continuous
>       whitespace with multiple newlines into one or two newlines.
> What do you think? 

I generally agree, but nevertheless we should try to fix it, if it is
easy.  Do you have something in mind?  (We have to be careful not to
strip extra lines in <pre> and maybe <code>, etc.)

For the long term, we could change the boilerplate and convince the
webmasters to use the other way as a convention.  I'm not sure why this
is a problem, because Emacs historically has been formatting it the way
it is now.

Does anybody know why it behaves that way?
It seems consistent and natural to me:

/* This is a comment in C code.
   Of course it is valid in ObjC.  */

<!-- This is a comment in XHTML.
     I'd wish the syntax was easier. -->

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