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Re: Multi from Windows Box

From: Kai Großjohann
Subject: Re: Multi from Windows Box
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2002 09:54:17 +0200
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Daniel Stolz <address@hidden> writes:

> Kai Großjohann wrote:
>     Daniel Stolz <address@hidden> writes:
>             Do you think that tramp-open-connection-multi should use a 
> different
>             variable,
>         No.  I think a great solution would be if works as
>         tramp-sh-program.  Then everything else is seamless.
> This won't work as I see below.

But could you please still do the test, whether it works to change
tramp-sh-program for multi methods?  You could check to see whether
you can do filename completion and whether you can get a dired
buffer.  Filename completion and dired buffers don't use the
functions in Tramp that use tramp-sh-program (except for
tramp-open-connection-multi, of course).

I don't have Windows, so I can't test this...

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