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Re: The state QSO Party thread [TN QP]

From: Doug Smith
Subject: Re: The state QSO Party thread [TN QP]
Date: Mon, 6 Sep 2021 22:12:52 -0500
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On 9/6/21 8:35 PM, Nate Bargmann wrote:
* On 2021 06 Sep 17:41 -0500, Doug Smith wrote:
For years I was the adjudicator for the TNQP and still am the backup guy.  I
haven't run Nate's log through the checking software yet but it looks
straightforward & I don't remember having significant issues with TLF output
in the past.

Hi Doug.

That is great to know.

One thing I did notice is the LOCATION: tag in the Cabrillo header is
"Kansas".  N1MM puts one's ARRL section on this tag, and the adjudication
software we use will kick out a log that doesn't have a valid ARRL section.
(in Nate's case, "KS" -- but if you're in New York which has multiple ARRL
sections, "NY" will NOT work.  It needs to be NLI or ENY or WNY or NNY.)

The LOCATION: tag is interchangeable with the ARRL-SECTION: tag but it must
contain a valid ARRL section either way.  For entrants outside the U.S. and
Canada, the appropriate entry is "DX".

It might be a bit more trouble to fix than it's worth, but it would be
helpful both for the adjudicators and new-to-QSO-Party entrants if somehow
one could be forced (or at least guided) to enter a valid section.

This really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but that's the way the
third-party packages work.....

Please don't blame Tlf here.  That is totally my doing as that is the
data I put in for that field in my local template.

Looking at the relevant Cabrillo V 3 specification[1], I see that
Location has three categories, ARRL sections as mentioned, IOTA island
name, and RDA number. That's it.  Now, if Tlf can be faulted to any
degree it would be that it does not validate this field against those
lists, at a minimum ARRL sections, I would think.

Not at all, it's not by any means TLF's fault!
Just that sometimes you have to guide the users:) I mean, that can go to an extreme, I used N1MM for the contest yesterday & the balloon help kept getting in the way... (I guess there's a way to turn it off but that's too much work:)

Thanks for the good info and insight, Doug.  I've not seen much
commentary over the years of those in your position so this kind of
feedback is very helpful.  I think I'll need to resubmit my CO QP log as
I made the same error.

I'm not sure Colorado is using the same checking software. You may not have a problem.

We use W3KM Cab Evaluator. (I used to use a collection of custom Perl scripts & a SQL database but it was a big pain to update when the rules changed, and when I wanted to push most of the work to someone else, getting Perl and SQL installed -- on a Windows box -- was more than I wanted to undertake...)

Final nit pick:)  The file we received was N0NB.cbr.  N1MM uses the .log
extension.  Obviously it is not a big deal for the adjudicator to rename the
file:)  (the adjudication software ignores any files without the .log

That is generated by Tlf internally and can be changed.  However, WWOF
states either .log or .cbr is valid (bottom of the page)[2].  In that
light it would appear the adjudication software is overly restrictive.

Also, Tlf uses the .log extension for its internal log written to disk.

Again, a nit:) I would concur the adjudication software is overly restrictive, and it has similar tendencies in other areas. It is not exactly difficult to change a file extension:) (it's a whole lot easier than talking an entrant through sending something other than an ADIF file. This year, we had someone scan a printout of his Cabrillo file & send us the JPEG!)

Again, none of this is serious.  Nate, thanks for entering!  (and thanks for
working me on 80 meters.  100 watts to a VOCF antenna 1.8m above ground
behind a fence.  "VOCF"=VERY off-center fed.)

You had a very good signal here, Doug, s9+ as I recall.  Funny thing, I
wasn't sure you were instate or not so I looked up your call before I
hit F6!  Then today going back through the TN QP rules there is your
call in a few places.  D'oh!

I wasn't used to operating from a fixed station:), usually do this thing mobile where I'm signing /DAVI, /CHEA, etc.. & it's obvious I'm in Tennessee...

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