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[Tinycc-devel] Several patchs from Debian packaging

From: RoboTux
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] Several patchs from Debian packaging
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2010 14:52:32 +0200

Greetings everyone,

I'm one of the maintainers of tinycc in Debian and I write this email to share 
with you the patches from the tcc debian package.

First of all, I want to apologize for the poor interaction we had until now. 
But be sure it will change from now on. I want to involve more in Debian but 
more important I want to be a better maintainer and thus will collaborate more 
tightly with you from this point.

As a first proof of my involvment, here is a list of patches that are shipped 
with the debian package (about half of them weren't packaged with the last 
version). Most of them aren't pushed on the mob branch as they might not 
interest you. In the following of this email, each paragraph reprensents one 
patch. The first line contains the status of the patch (pushed or not in the 
mob branch) and a short description. Next lines explain in more details the 
purpose of the patch. In the first line, [P|a40814c] mean "Pushed to mob in the 
commit with short sha1 a40814c" whereas [N] means "Not pushed to mob". When a 
patch has been pushed to mob, the short description is the git short 
description and the long description is the git long description. Please read 
until the end as the most interesting patch for you are probably at the end.

[N] Use CFLAGS in compilation rule
CFLAGS isn't use in the pattern rule %.o: %.c so it uses -Wall -O2 whatever 
$CFLAGS contains

[N] Make tcc available to Hurd users
Hurd isn't supported by tcc actually. This patch first add i386-AT386 and i686-
AT386 as supported CPU in configure script. Then it define the SA_SIGINFO macro 
if not defined. At last, it sets the elf interpreter to /lib/ld.so. You may not 
be interested by this patch, however it's a really tiny patch and has 
obviously no bud consequences as long as you don't claim Hurd support.

[P|6655e06] Error out on bad char array initialization
Error out with an explicit message when trying to initialize a character array 
with something that's not a literal (optionally enclosed in braces) as per C99 
6.7.8:14; thanks to Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho <address@hidden> who did all the 

[N] Support Debian GNU/kFreeBSD
Debian kFreeBSD preprocesser define __FreeBSD_kernel__ instead of __FreeBSD__ 
so add this macro when trying to recognize the kernel in the tcc code

[P|8de9b7a] Correctly support all unary expression with sizeof
Unary expression can start with a parenthesis. Thus, the current test
to detect which sizeof form is being parsed is inaccurate. This patch
makes tcc able to handle things like sizeof (x)[1] where x is declared
as char x[5]; wich is a valid unary expression

[N] Add a dircategory and direntry to the texi file
The patch only consists in:
address@hidden Software development
+* TCC: (tcc-doc).               The Tiny C Compiler.
address@hidden direntry

[N] Create tcc-doc.info info file
Add a call to makeinfo on the texi file to build tcc-doc.info and modify the 
Makefile accordingly

[P|e9406c0] Don't prefix $prefix with $(DESTDIR) in configure
Prefixing $prefix with $(DESTDIR) is an error as it could lead for
example to mandir being equal to $(DESTDIR)$prefix/man where
$prefix itself is equal to $(DESTDIR)/usr/local which make man be equal
to $(DESTDIR)$(DESTDIR)/usr/local/man

[P|47abdbd] Better handle ld scripts
* search file from INPUT and GROUP commands in the library path in addition to 
the current directory
* handle libraries specified by -lfoo options
* Search lib in GROUP command repeatedly

[P|e9406c0] Complain for static fct declared w/o file scope
Error out on static function without file scope and give an explaination to the 

There is also 2 more patch in the debian package but they are debian specific. 
In the first one we want examples and documentation to refer to /usr/bin/tcc as 
it's the fhs path for programs installed by distributions. In the second one 
scripping is deactivated.

Best regards,

Thomas Preud'homme

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