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[Tinycc-devel] TCC 0.9.11 is out

From: Fabrice Bellard
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] TCC 0.9.11 is out
Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2002 14:28:51 +0200
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TCC 0.9.11 is out at http://tinycc.org. 

version 0.9.11:

- stdarg.h fix for double type (thanks to Philippe Ribet).
- correct white space characters and added MSDOS newline support.
- fixed invalid implicit function call type declaration.
- special macros such as __LINE__ are defined if tested with defined().
- fixed '!' operator with relocated address.
- added symbol + offset relocation (fixes some static variable initializers)
- '-l' option can be specified anywhere. '-c' option yields default
  output name. added '-r' option for relocatable output.
- fixed '\nnn' octal parsing.
- fixed local extern variables declarations.


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