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[Tinycc-devel] more comments

From: Greg Haerr
Subject: [Tinycc-devel] more comments
Date: Mon, 26 Aug 2002 17:05:36 -0600

    I've finished with some more testing using tcc, and have found the
following, after using tcc to compile Microwindows:

1. I finally found the bug that crashes the tcc compiler.  The
following program will cause an internal segfault:

    extern int *a;
    *a = 1;
    extern int *a;
    *a = 1;

2. Programs in MSDOS/Windows CRLF text format
won't compile.  (preprocessor chokes on CR, it seems)

3. Programs using original K&R function declaration
format won't compile. "a(b) int b; {}"
I'm changing all mwin programs to ANSI format.

4.  __FUNCTION__ and __LINE__ aren't defined.

5. tcc issues a "-- expected" errmsg when the last arg in a
tcc command is a -L/usr/lib/...  I'm still working on this one,
it's a little strange.  I've gotten around this bug by removing
the makefile options that put the extra arg there.

6. When tcc is used as a linker and passed several .o and
then some .a files,  it appears that the .a symbols aren't searched
twice for symbols that are required.  (works with gcc).  I'm not
sure if there's a topological sort occuring before using the .a symbols.
I'm still looking into this one.




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