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[Texmacs-dev] interface for cocoa-5

From: bigatti
Subject: [Texmacs-dev] interface for cocoa-5
Date: Wed, 21 Nov 2012 11:18:27 +0100
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(from my first message)
I'd like to have a try at making a CoCoA-5 Interface in TeXmacs.
Joris, once you told me to have a look at the documentation and so I
did, but I'm already stuck ;-)  [I'm on MacOS 10.6]
In order to write a plug-in myplugin, you should start by creating a directory
so I created ~/TeXmacs/cocoa/bin/CoCoAInterpreter (the text executable)
and re-ran TeXmacs, but how can I call it now?

In principle I'd like to use or minimally change what I did for the
emacs interface (I maintain cocoa5.el), but that's the next step ;-)

now Joris tells me:
You may want to take a look at the existing plug-ins
in $TEXMACS_PATH/plugins, or at the example plug-ins
in $TEXMACS_PATH/examples/plugins.

Do you mean "Contents/Plugins"?  (in MacOS)
It contains only .dylib files, and there is no "example" dir.

Where do I find them?


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