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Re: [Texmacs-dev] Qt-TeXmacs: segfault with KDE-Oxygen

From: Gubinelli Massimiliano
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] Qt-TeXmacs: segfault with KDE-Oxygen
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2009 12:26:51 +0200

Hi Norbert,

the status of the Qt port under Linux is not ideal. The main reason is that I'm developing the port under Mac and currently, due to lack of time, I'm not able to cross-test under Linux. I should mention that the Qt port works under mac and windows (in the sense that it does not segfaults like it does on linux). I've done some experimentations with different versions of Qt/X11 under Linux and for example the port works fine with the 4.4/debug version of the libraries. I don't thinks there is a real bug. I tend to think that the use of the Qt framework forced by TeXmacs structure is a bit unconventional and produce fragile code.

As far as the run-loop is concerned we tried different alternatives (both in Qt port and in the Cocoa port) the main constraint we have to face is that there should be some order in the call to the_interpose_handler (see qt_gui.cpp for example) which perform the update of internal TeXmacs structures after some inputs and the refresh of the exposed widgets. In the X11 port everything is carefully crafted by exaclty prescribing the order of operations : input handling, update, refresh. In modern GUIs like Qt or Cocoa usually the run-loop is controlled by the library and we haven't fund canonical ways to correclty sequence the calls to TeXmac internal functions (both for updating and refreshing).

I should mention also the fact that we have a cario renderer available and that if the problems with the Qt port cannot be reasonably resolved (for example now I found a bug apparently due to Qt) we should evaluate the option to shift to other cross-platform libraries like Gtk+ or wxWidgets, or the like.

Any suggestion to improve the status of the Qt port under linux is welcome.


On 19 avr. 09, at 19:21, Norbert Nemec wrote:

Hi there,

I just tracked down the segfaults of Qt-TeXmacs to the use of the Oxygen style in KDE. When I have that style active, TeXmacs crashes as soon as I click on a menu that contains sub-menus. Menus without sub-menus work fine.

The simple solution: use a different style.

I fear the bug really sits in TeXmacs not in the style. I have never experienced problems with the style in any other setting. My guess would be that the menus are set up in some strange way that usually works but does not really follow the standards and causes problems in this special case.


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