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Re: [Texmacs-dev] latex-needs patch

From: Joris van der Hoeven
Subject: Re: [Texmacs-dev] latex-needs patch
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 16:17:59 +0200 (CEST)

> Patch #1473 on savannah is the "final" incarnation of the automatic
> \usepackage argument generation mechanism based on Joris' latex-needs
> DRD (for now).  I suggest that before it gets applied to the main
> TeXmacs tree we all try it on our various TeXmacs documents, in case I
> missed a few entries.

Thanks for the patch. I see one further improvement:
in the spirit of the DRD's, you may (for instance) see all symbols
which need the wasysym package as a group. So it is better to replace

        (drd-group latex-symbol%

        (drd-table latex-needs%
          (agemO ("wasysym"))
          (APLbox ("wasysym"))
          (APLcomment ("wasysym"))


        (drd-group latex-wasy-symbol
          agemO APLbox APLcomment ...)

          ((latex-symbol% 'x) (latex-wasy-symbol% 'x))
          ((latex-needs% 'x "wasysym") (latex-wasy-symbol% 'x)))

Notice that we might have to add a function which finds the *list* of
packages needed by a symbol (or command) instead of *the* package.
This should not be hard to do with the DRD stuff. Alternatively,
the right-hand side of latex-needs% may be a list, as you do.

> Alternatively, if someone has a "Christmas tree" TeXmacs file (i.e., a
> TeXmacs file that exploits every feature of a TeXmacs document), please
> apply this patch, then convert the document to LaTeX, then compile the
> LaTeX and let me know whether it compiles, given that it compiled fine
> before the application of the patch.  Better yet, you could also send me
> this "Christmas tree" file so I can directly play with it.

Do you have a christmas tree TeXmacs file (or several ones)?
This would be very useful indeed...

> I don't think I missed any of the symbols, from the various symbol
> fonts, because I did the following for, say, "wasy.enc":
> cat ~/TeXmacs- | awk
> '{for (Nix = 1 ; Nix <= NF ; Nix++) print ($Nix) ;}' | grep '^"' | grep
> -v '^""' | sed 's/"//g' | awk '{print ("  (" $1 " \"wasysym\")") ;}' |
> sort >> tmtex-preamble.scm
> after which I appended the lines created by this command line to the
> DRD.
> However, I may have missed some environments whose definition requires
> certain packages.
> As well, as I mentioned before, I couldn't find any of these
> environments:
> descriptionaligned
> descriptiondash
> descriptionlong
> Perhaps they require their own \newcommand{...}{...} preamble.

Yes they do. By the way, we should one day put those \newcommands in
a DRD of TeXmacs-LaTeX-extensions (so that much of tmtex-preamble.scm
will disappear).

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