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Re: [platform-testers] texinfo pretest

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: Re: [platform-testers] texinfo pretest
Date: Sun, 17 May 2015 18:22:19 -0400
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Hello Gavin,

Few more tests with the SVN r6275.


---- OpenBSD 5.6:
the first few tests pass, and 't/dir-dangling-entry.sh' is skipped,
until 't/goal-column.sh' which is stuck.

Based on your suggestion to open a new terminal and print the log:

    $ ls -l goal-column.sh*
    -rwxr-xr-x  1 miles  wheel  977 May 16 16:53 goal-column.sh
    prw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 17:38 goal-column.sh.finished
    -rw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel  507 May 17 17:41 goal-column.sh.log
    prw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 17:38 goal-column.sh.pipein
    prw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 17:38 goal-column.sh.pipeout
    $ cat goal-column.sh.log
    pseudotty: getting pty master fd
    pseudotty: unlocking slave device
    pseudotty: getting file name of slave device...
    pseudotty: /dev/ttyp1
    pseudotty: entering main loop
    pseudotty: read error on master fd
    Fetching PID of ginfo process under test...
    ./t/goal-column.sh[23]: cannot create t/goal-column.sh.pipeout: Interrupted 
system call
    ./t/goal-column.sh[21]: cannot create /dev/ttyp1: Interrupted system call
    ./t/goal-column.sh[24]: cannot create t/goal-column.sh.pipeout: Interrupted 
system call

---- NetBSD 6.1.4:

Still stuck in 't/dir-dangling-entry.sh', seems like the log is empty.

    $ ls -l dir-dangling-entry.sh*
    -rwxr-xr-x  1 miles  wheel  934 May 16 20:53 dir-dangling-entry.sh
    -rw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 22:00 dir-dangling-entry.sh.log
    prw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 22:00 dir-dangling-entry.sh.pipein
    prw-r--r--  1 miles  wheel    0 May 17 22:00 dir-dangling-entry.sh.pipeout

Based on active processes I can't exactly pin-point where is it stuck,
but it seems there are two instances of the 'dir-dangling-entry.sh', and one of 
them is in 'D' state.
(note this is after a new boot of a netBSD virtual machine, there were no 
previous 'dir-dangling-entry.sh' running).

    $ ps x
      422 ?     I    0:00.19 sshd: address@hidden/0 (sshd)
    25155 ?     S    0:00.06 sshd: address@hidden/1 (sshd)
      400 ttyp0 I+   0:00.01 /bin/sh /usr/bin/pretest-auto-build-check
      484 ttyp0 Is   0:00.00 -sh
     3170 ttyp0 I+   0:00.00 /bin/sh -c fail=;  if (target_option=k; case ${target_option-} in 
 ?) ;;  *) echo "am__make_running_with_option: internal error: invalid"  "ta
    17171 ttyp0 I+   0:00.00 /bin/ksh ../build-aux/test-driver 
../build-aux/test-driver ../build-aux/test-driver ../build-aux/test-driver 
../build-aux/test-driver ../build
    17770 ttyp0 I+   0:00.01 make check
    20919 ttyp0 I+   0:00.03 make check-am
    22169 ttyp0 I+   0:00.01 make check-TESTS
    22302 ttyp0 I+   0:00.00 /bin/sh -c set +e; bases='t/file.sh.log 
t/file-node.sh.log t/file-nodes.sh.log t/file-node-with-dot.sh.log 
t/file-index.sh.log t/file-file-wit
    22348 ttyp0 D+   0:00.00 /bin/sh ./t/dir-dangling-entry.sh
    23496 ttyp0 I+   0:00.02 make test-suite.log TEST_LOGS
    23497 ttyp0 I+   0:00.00 /bin/sh -c p='t/dir-dangling-entry.sh';  
b='t/dir-dangling-entry.sh';  case $- in *e*) set +e;; esac;\t\t\t\t\t srcdirstrip=`echo 
"." | sed 's
    23580 ttyp0 I+   0:00.00 make check
    24666 ttyp0 IV+  0:00.00 /bin/sh ./t/dir-dangling-entry.sh
      454 ttyp1 O+   0:00.00 ps -x
    25298 ttyp1 Ss   0:00.02 -sh

--- OpenSUSE 13.2:

Still two test fails:
   FAIL: t/c-u-m-x-scroll-forward.sh
   FAIL: t/index-apropos.sh

But perhaps this is relevant: there are also five expected XFAILS:
   XFAIL: t/quoted-label-as-target.sh
   XFAIL: t/quoted-target.sh
   XFAIL: t/quoted-label-and-target.sh
   XFAIL: t/goto-quoted.sh
   XFAIL: t/next-quoted.sh

and in the log, it seems both the FAIL and XFAIL print the same errors. so 
perhaps that should be expected?
log attached.

---- FreeBSD 9.3 (the 'make' problem)

r6275 still fails with 'Error expanding embedded variable', however, it's worth 
nothing that FreeBSD 9.3 is using 'pmake' while FreeBSD 10 switched to 'bmake' 
which doesn't fail - so perhaps this isn't worth chasing.


<shameless plug>
if anyone wants to experiment with the different OSes,
the VMs are available for download here: 
with instructions here: http://pretest.nongnu.org/

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