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texindex in awk

From: Karl Berry
Subject: texindex in awk
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 01:21:09 GMT

As you may have noticed from the svn commits, Arnold Robbins (long-time
gawk maintainer) has reimplemented texindex in awk.  It's not integrated
into the build yet or anything, just a separate directory for now.  But
switching away from the C implementation to this is the last major piece
I'd like to accomplish for the next release.  (Our intent was for it to
be 100% backward-compatible.)  I'll be working on this over the coming days.

Meanwhile, if you want to try it now, that would be great, of course.
Just running "make -C texindex" should produce a texindex.awk that can
be linked to as texindex.  (That's what I'm doing.)  The #! path to awk
may need to be modified until I do the configure stuff.  Any POSIX awk
should do; Arnold tested it back to a 1996 awk by Kernighan.

The make is necessary because Arnold wrote it in a literate programming
system of his own devising, that uses texinfo for documentation, called
texiwebjr (https://github.com/arnoldrobbins/texiwebjr).
It's implemented in awk, as might be expected.

Let me know if questions, problems, whatever ...


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