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problematic node name characters

From: Karl Berry
Subject: problematic node name characters
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2013 22:53:12 GMT


Here are my thoughts on Glenn's re-request.

1) Can you devise a way to warn about the problematic characters in node
names only when they actually cause a problem?  (I could not say exactly
when that is without a lot of research, but maybe the code already
knows, implicitly?)

2) For Info output, the warning could be enabled by default.

3) There could be an option to turn off that particular warning, so
people who don't want to change their documents don't have to.

5) For other forms of output, no warning.  Then people who don't use
Info aren't affected.


I don't foresee us designing and implementing the
arbitrary-chars-in-node-names-and-elsewhere feature any time soon.


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