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@inlinenot* or something like that

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: @inlinenot* or something like that
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2013 00:48:14 +0200
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Unless I missed something, my todo list is currently empty.  The next
thing we should do, in my opinion, is to complete the @inline* commands
such that it is possible to have a negation, or an else -- which would
allow to have a not by having an empty if clause, and also have inline
versions for @ifset/@ifclear.

Here is a recall of previous discussions:

What about @inlineset{flag, something}, @inlineclear, and @inlineifset
or @inlineif, maybe with only one command used for @inlineifset and

Also what about accepting a second argument for @inlinefmt to act as a 
else?  Like

@inlinefmt{info, do something in info, do something for other formats}.

It is not clear that it is possible to implement that in TeX.  You told
that you know that you cannot implement an @else clause in the
line-oriented conditionals.

Also you said that changing @inlinefmt itself worries you because
there's no way we can detect an inadvertent single comma intended to be
text in the first clause -- this happens not infrequently with all
commands with comma-delimited arguments.  But if we can do else text at
all we could make a new commmand, say @inlinefmtifelse, so users have to
be aware that they have to use @comma.

Should we take care of this now?

My opinion is that we should implement that, such that it is possible to
have all the conditionals inline which would allow to replace all the
cases of using the pre 5 makeinfo in-place expansion of blocks.  After
that I think that we should do a bugfix release as at least one important 
bug was fixed (accept the same character in @value as in @set).


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