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Re: info -> html

From: Stefano Lattarini
Subject: Re: info -> html
Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2012 10:12:49 +0100

Hi Karl.

On 03/22/2012 01:00 AM, Karl Berry wrote:
> Chong (and Patrice and Sergey and Stefano),
> So, on this project to replace Info with an HTML or XML format (which
> will probably be news to S&S),
I like the sound of this :-)

> Chong wrote me:
>     Probably the way to start is to install HTML/XML manuals
>     side-by-side with Info files, and change the viewers so that when
>     pointed to an Info topic, they load and display the HTML/XML version
>     if it is available, instead of the Info file.
> Sure, sounds like a reasonable starting point to me.
> We should think hard about exactly how we want to install the HTML
> files.  We definitely don't want one big directory of everything, the
> way $(infodir) is.  I imagine one directory per manual (= dir entry).
> With any images in that directory.
> There is also the issue of HTML, unlike Info or XML, being available in
> both monolithic and (multiple) split-file forms.  Perhaps we should
> require that the local version be monolithic?  After all, network
> bandwidth shouldn't come into play for local viewers, and it would so
> much simpler not to worry about split files.
Sounds reasonable to me.

> Clearly all of this will also affect Automake (and the coding
> standards).  Right now, the coding standards say that HTML files get
> installed in /usr/local/share/doc/YOURPKG[-VERSION] by default.  Is that
> really what we want for "Info" viewers to find them?
Why not?

> I am doubtful.
> (And, are we going to try to support multiple installed versions this
> time around?  Hmm ...)
As an aside, once there is some consensus on the new behaviour, you might
want to open a new "wishlist" entry in the automake debbugs tracker, so
that a proper transition/implementation plan can be worked out there ...

Thanks for pursuing this,

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