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info -> html

From: Karl Berry
Subject: info -> html
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 17:00:49 -0700

Chong (and Patrice and Sergey and Stefano),

So, on this project to replace Info with an HTML or XML format (which
will probably be news to S&S), Chong wrote me:

    Probably the way to start is to install HTML/XML manuals
    side-by-side with Info files, and change the viewers so that when
    pointed to an Info topic, they load and display the HTML/XML version
    if it is available, instead of the Info file.

Sure, sounds like a reasonable starting point to me.

We should think hard about exactly how we want to install the HTML
files.  We definitely don't want one big directory of everything, the
way $(infodir) is.  I imagine one directory per manual (= dir entry).
With any images in that directory.

There is also the issue of HTML, unlike Info or XML, being available in
both monolithic and (multiple) split-file forms.  Perhaps we should
require that the local version be monolithic?  After all, network
bandwidth shouldn't come into play for local viewers, and it would so
much simpler not to worry about split files.

Clearly all of this will also affect Automake (and the coding
standards).  Right now, the coding standards say that HTML files get
installed in /usr/local/share/doc/YOURPKG[-VERSION] by default.  Is that
really what we want for "Info" viewers to find them?  I am doubtful.

(And, are we going to try to support multiple installed versions this
time around?  Hmm ...)


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