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[Tetum-translators] The Morris Files

From: Peter Gossner
Subject: [Tetum-translators] The Morris Files
Date: Wed, 26 Nov 2003 16:20:53 +1030

Hi List,
And particularly Lev.

I have just spent a few hours converting the Morris dictionary into
"bite size" pieces for the tetum website.. when it occurred to me that
the smart thing to do would be to "port" the thing to docbook xml and
then it could be converted to anything we wanted in a few moments (as
apposed to days).
Dash and blast I was flying along as well... (must take up drinking

I see that the licencing is GPL .. 
Does anybody have any objection to it being moved to 
a/ sgml / xml (and then converted for the web site)
b/  re-released under the terms and conditions of the GNU Free
Documentation licence.????

(though GPL is OK as well ..)

I still hope to have this finished by the weekend.. Proofing aside the
spell-checker and on board dictionaries seem to be catching most things.

I will also build a good list of Tetum words in my own dictionary
resources which may be useful soon.

Beyond this I was thinking of writing a "little app" that does basic
translations Tet > Eng  and En > Tet based on the 1000 or so words Mr
Morris has left us.
(consol/ text based initially then adding a Gnome2 / GTK2 inteface... I
will investigate using the existing tools first though)

I don't have the Tetum skills to write a real tetum Dictionary but I
probably could generate a word list people could add for spell checking

If anybody has any thoughts or observations, input now would be a good
time. (though anytime is a good time really)

my priority list goes like this:

1/port the Morris doc
2/convert and integrate to existing website under the contributions /
resources section
3/ build a basic word list for people to add to their aspell / ispell
databases.. with instructions
4/ Start on the "translator"/ mapper

just to keep myself sharp i will also try to get a po file done per
week..as well.

I keep getting started (on po files) then dumping what I have done as I
learn more. As I now have a clearer run at this I should now make good


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