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[Tetum-translators] Join

From: Abel Pires D.S
Subject: [Tetum-translators] Join
Date: Tue, 16 Sep 2003 15:45:35 +0800

Dear all,
My name is Abel. I'm currently working as IT Assistant for Unicef office in 
Dili -East Timor. I have experiances in Linux since I wrote my thesis on C 
programming language under Linux OS. My experiance as a journalist for one of 
Tetun magazine in East Timor (Lalenok or The Mirror) will me an advantage.
I am very interresting to join the project, and I am ready to translate any 
information (any HOWTOs or  documentations). So, please let me now any 
available project or sub-project, I will be happy to do that.
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