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Re: [Taler] question about using taler

From: Christian Grothoff
Subject: Re: [Taler] question about using taler
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2023 12:02:00 +0100
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On 2/18/23 08:54, Jürgen Beger wrote:

we are a group of people who like the taler project.
You find us here: https://luki.org/
We read about people who want to built a talerserver. We also want to try this.

Now our questions: What are your applications? Are there some active applications with taler for example for regianal money or other?

Our current focus is indeed on improving Taler to make it suitable for a regional currency. Marcello is in the lead here. His goal is to enhance libeufin with account management (to register participating local stores) and support for conversion from the domestic currency to the regional currency and back. It is not yet ready though. However, additional people trying this out might be helpful and we'll be happy to try to support you.

Can some people show a link of an application?

As Stefan said, we have had some people deploy GNU Taler at events, we have a deployment at BFH.ch. The next step will be regional currency deployment(s), and then we're planning on doing a regular fiat deployment shortly afterwards.

One thought in our society is to pay the beer or wine in our next meeting like showed in the GNU Taler Merchant App

You can in principle do that today. You'll need to set up a libeufin sandbox (with your bank accounts, money creation), a libeufin nexus (interface to Taler exchange), a Taler exchange, a Taler merchant, then the Taler point-of-sale App on a tablet, and a Taler cashier App on a tablet (for withdrawing of your regional currency against cash), and the Taler wallets on the user's phones. That said, the setup is quite involved (many components!) and one of Javier's tasks for this month is to produce a shell script to reasonably automate the deployment process. Again, help with testing this (once something is there) would be great.

Happy hacking!


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