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Re: [Taler] Taler and UBI

From: Sebastian Javier Marchano
Subject: Re: [Taler] Taler and UBI
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2022 10:04:38 -0300

Not UBI is implemented in the same way, but what you can expect from an UBI is:
 * prevent accumulation of capital: denomination that daily/weekly expires. If the person didn't use the money, it is lost. Since this kind of money it's intended to be used for basic needs (like transport or food) this may not be bad. Note: it's lost from the person perspective, from the bank perspective it is saved.
 * prevent spending UBI money on other products/services that are not basic need: implement as the age protocol.


On Fri, 14 Oct 2022 at 07:04, Martin Schanzenbach <mschanzenbach@posteo.de> wrote:
i think you are conflating things. If you wanted more privacy for ubi receivers, you could allow citizens to register with number accounts. this does not strike me as a wallet issue at all that is unique to ubi.
regarding the large amount in the wallet potentially lost: what kind of utopian ubi is that which not only covers your monthly expenses partially but accumulates into savings?

Am 14. Oktober 2022 18:50:48 GMT+09:00 schrieb "Özgür Kesim" <oec-taler@kesim.org>:
Thus spake Martin Schanzenbach (mschanzenbach@posteo.de):

i struggle to understand what spending coins has to do with ubi. ubi is the concept of receiving funds by the state to your account, not wallet.
once the funds are in your account, you can taler away all day.

Correct, if bank accounts are to receive the income.

But we were considering the hypothetical case in which a KYC'ed Taler
wallet could play the role of an individual account to receive somewhat
larger amounts (such as UBI).

Not sure that is something Taler would want to promote, but _if_ it
does, the loss of the wallet could be catastrophic to the individual.


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