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[Taler] gnurl cygwin, windows, buildsystem fix?

From: ng0
Subject: [Taler] gnurl cygwin, windows, buildsystem fix?
Date: Wed, 22 May 2019 17:34:55 +0000


as I'm still stuck a bit longer with maintaining gnurl, and I now
am looking into cygwin and later native windows builds, is there
a reasonable interest in having functional (x86_64) cygwin and Windows
builds? In all those years I never tested the build.

I can't for the next couple of months. But people complain about
gnunet and cygwin, and how cygwin was/is the defacto build for
gnunet for a number of reasons.. so anything against or for
fixing this up starting at the lower bottom (gnurl)?

cygwin would be easy, native would probably involve some more
reasoning about requirements of our various projects.


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