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Re: Add feature to inittab

From: Jesse Smith
Subject: Re: Add feature to inittab
Date: Wed, 8 Jan 2020 19:40:35 -0400
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> I made some corrections, added comments in the code, and deleted
> comments that might be present at the beginning of the .tab files.
> The function which interprets the lines, is the same as for the inittab file.
> The idea is to have one file per service to start without having to
> touch the inittab file.

> All changes: init.c paths.h and Makefile are in a single .patch file.

Thank you for sending over the unified patch. I have applied it upstream and 
will test it in the next version of SysV init.

> PS: I no longer receive your emails in my mailbox, is there a setting
> to receive them?

No, there shouldn't be any special setting to receive e-mails from me or this 
list. As long as this address is not flagged as spam for some reason, 
everything should go through.

- Jesse

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