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[gnu-soc] GNU GSOC 2023 application

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: [gnu-soc] GNU GSOC 2023 application
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2023 18:30:02 +0100
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Hello everyone.

I have just submitted an application for the GNU Project to participate
as a mentoring organization in GSOC 2023.

We will know the outcome in late February.

In the meanwhile, it is VERY important to collect and publish a list of
ideas of the GNU programs interested in participating under the GNU

To do so, please send them to this list and I will be adding it to our
GSOC ideas page.

For each idea, please include the following information:

- Name of the program (example, GNU poke).
- Short description of the program.
- URL of the program (example,
- Title for the idea (example, Writing python bindings for libpoke).
- Description of the idea.
- Skills necessary to do the work.
- Address a prospective student should use in order to contact the
  development community and maintainers of the program.  This would be
  the typical or list.
- A list of URLs with reference information useful for the

Please do not bother to format the ideas in HTML.  We will do it for

Remember people: the more and more exciting and nice ideas we have in
the page, the bigger are the odds we will get accepted this year.  Also,
the sooner we have the info on place, the more odds we will have as

So please send the information sonner than later!  Do not wait until
mid-February to do so.


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