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Re: [gnu-soc] GNU GSOC 2023 application

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: [gnu-soc] GNU GSOC 2023 application
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2023 17:34:15 +0100
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Added to the ideas page.
Thank you!

> GNU Mes on RISC-V
> GNU Mes is the exciting unique free software bootstrap for Linux (and
> other) distributions that can replace existing huge binary blobs that,
> for example, boot Debian.  This is a great security concern.  In
> contrast, GNU Mes today boots GNU Guix from source from a
> transparent ~500 byte stage0. 
>     Project site: 
> Port GNU Mes to RISC-V
> RISC-V is an exciting new platform and already work has been done to
> port GNU Mes to RISC-V. There are many components that need to work to
> get to a full bootstrap. To help the effort we are looking for someone
> with an interest in gcc internals to complete the RISC-V backporting
> of GCC 4.6.4 to include RISC-V C++ support and fix missing
> functionality (note that RISC-V did not exist at the time of gcc4 and
> it is the first gcc compiler that is reached by Mes for bootstrapping!).
> The current RISC-V support for GCC 4.6.4 compiles, but is not tested
> for C++. In this project we'll complete the backported GCC 4.6.4 with C++
> support, and include the recipe for that in the Guix package provided,
> so it's easier to include in the full bootstrapping system later.
>     Required skills: C/C++ programming, some assembler.
>     Contact: janneke, ekaitz & pjotr, see
>     Reference links:

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