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Re: Application submissions under the GNU umbrella

From: Christopher Allan Webber
Subject: Re: Application submissions under the GNU umbrella
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 12:16:14 -0500
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Alright, great, thanks!

Jose E. Marchesi writes:

>     So I'm happy that MediaGoblin is in under the GNU umbrella for GSoC!
>     However, it's not super clear to me how it works out for a few things
>     re: application submissions:
>      - What should MediaGoblin mentors do?  Basically, get an account on
>        Melange if they don't already and sign up as GNU mentors?  Is there
>        any way I should be verifying who is and isn't a mentor?
> Just send us a list of people which are authorised to mentor mediagoblin
> projects.  Otherwise when accepting mentors we do a basic
> authentication, like searching for the name of the requestor in the
> development mailing list of the project.
>      - How is voting on proposals for MediaGoblin going to work?  I assume
>        MediaGoblin mentors are the only ones who really need to vote on
>        MediaGoblin proposals; I've mentored GSoC before but never done this
>        under an umbrella org.
> It is up to you (mediagoblin maintainer and developers) to decide how to
> rank your student applications.  In the IRC meeting next week
> (Wednesday) we will decide the amount of slots we will be asking for GNU
> overall, and at that point you must have a clear idea about how many
> essential and desired applications you have.  At some point Google will
> communicate us how many slots do we have.  Then we will distribute the
> slots among the projects.

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