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Re: Application submissions under the GNU umbrella

From: Jose E. Marchesi
Subject: Re: Application submissions under the GNU umbrella
Date: Wed, 24 Apr 2013 10:43:39 +0200
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    So I'm happy that MediaGoblin is in under the GNU umbrella for GSoC!
    However, it's not super clear to me how it works out for a few things
    re: application submissions:
     - What should MediaGoblin mentors do?  Basically, get an account on
       Melange if they don't already and sign up as GNU mentors?  Is there
       any way I should be verifying who is and isn't a mentor?

Just send us a list of people which are authorised to mentor mediagoblin
projects.  Otherwise when accepting mentors we do a basic
authentication, like searching for the name of the requestor in the
development mailing list of the project.

     - How is voting on proposals for MediaGoblin going to work?  I assume
       MediaGoblin mentors are the only ones who really need to vote on
       MediaGoblin proposals; I've mentored GSoC before but never done this
       under an umbrella org.

It is up to you (mediagoblin maintainer and developers) to decide how to
rank your student applications.  In the IRC meeting next week
(Wednesday) we will decide the amount of slots we will be asking for GNU
overall, and at that point you must have a clear idea about how many
essential and desired applications you have.  At some point Google will
communicate us how many slots do we have.  Then we will distribute the
slots among the projects.

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