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Fwd: [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplication -

From: Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Subject: Fwd: [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplication - Long But Important
Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 22:05:49 -0300
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Important announcement.

-------- Mensagem original --------
Assunto:        [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and
Deduplication - Long But Important
Data:   Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:59:02 -0700
De:     Carol Smith <address@hidden>
Para:   Google Summer of Code Mentors List

Hi everyone,

This is an email that contains all the information you need for the next
couple weeks. Please read it thoroughly and follow the steps through to
the end. Dates should be clear, but please let me know if they're not.

*Step One :* (Org Admins Only) By your EOD tomorrow (12 April), please
make sure your slot allocation request is accurate. Go to My Dashboard
--> My Organizations Lists, click on your organization and this will
take you to your organization homepage. At the top of the page click the
"Edit" link. You'll see two slot numbers on the page - "amazing" and
"desired." "Amazing" is your lower threshold - this is the number of
slots you would need to accommodate your absolutely most amazing
proposals. "Desired" is your upper threshold - this is the number of
slots you would love to have in an ideal world. Filling these boxes in
shouldn't take long, please just check to make sure they're filled in
and accurate.

*Step Two:* I will announce slot allocations tomorrow after the close of
business pacific time. If you are happy with your slot allocation for
this year, you can continue accepting and rejecting proposals until 20
April. If your org ends up with more slots than it has excellent
proposals (or available mentors), you will be able to give back slots to
the pool. To do this, you'll need to click on your Organization Homepage
again. Click on "Slots" button (nb: this button isn't there yet but will
be soon) and select how many slots you want to give away and add a note
to me if you'd like to give them to a particular org. I will approve
each of these trades individually.

*Step Three:* Please assign mentors to all the proposals you plan to
accept (or even hope to accept) ASAP. While it isn't required that we
have mentors assigned before we assign slots, it's still a very
important indicator to us about your ability to accommodate student
projects this year. We want it done as early in the process as possible.
It will help me get a better sense of what slot trades to accept or
reject as well, so as soon as you've verified your slot requests, please
make sure you've assigned your mentors.

*Step Four:* You have between now and 20 April to review and accept,
reject, ignore, and review your student proposals. How you decide which
proposals you accept or reject is up to you - ranking has no bearing on
what students are accepted this year. Only students who you explicitly
accept will be accepted (I hope this is obvious). You will also be able
to accept students in bulk on the dashboard if you so choose.

On 20 April I will run our first round of deduplication checks [1].
After that, if you are in a duplicate situation with another org, your
org admin will be able to see a list in red of the student proposals on
the review proposal page that are in this situation and a way to contact
the fellow org to work it out. We will have two days to try to resolve
as many of these as we can. The final point at which we can resolve
these situations is in the deduplication meeting.

*Step Five:* You will need to attend the deduplication IRC meeting on
Friday, 22 April at 19:00 UTC. Even if you are one of the lucky orgs to
not have any duplicates with a fellow org immediately preceding the
meeting, you are still required to have someone(s) attend the meeting
who can make a quick decision on your behalf when and if our playing
around with the system happens to put you in a duplicate situation. This
IRC meeting is the last point at which student decisions can be made, so
please know your preferences when you go into it. The decisions made in
this meeting are final.

*Step Six:* Please do not discuss acceptance or rejection with the
students until I have announced it on Monday, 25 April.

Thanks for your help, everyone! If you have specific questions please
email me directly.

[1] - For those of you who don't know, "duplication" means a student
submitted proposals to multiple orgs and has been accepted by more than
one of them. We have to resolve all these duplicate issues before we
announce accepted students on 25 April.


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