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Re: Fwd: [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplicati

From: Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva
Subject: Re: Fwd: [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and Deduplication - Long But Important
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2011 16:13:57 -0300
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In addition to that, I would also like to remember you to ask your
students to follow the simple naming guideline for project proposals:

packagename(exactly as spelled in the ideas page) - proposal name

That will help a lot the admins work.


Em 12-04-2011 13:43, Thomas Schwinge escreveu:
> Hallo!
> GSoC mentors for GNU, it's high time for some activity!  On
> <>, I can see
> quite a lot of proposals that have had no comments and no voting yet.
> However: *TODAY* we have to register the number of desired mentoring
> slots with Google!
> See Rodrigo's email below, *Step One* is the important one at the moment.
> The step itself isn't for you (that's for us administrator folks), but we
> need your data, if you want your projects' applications to be considered,
> or not.  And we need that *NOW*.  Please go to that page, and review at
> least your subprojects' applications, and also some others that you feel
> comfortable with.  If you'd like an application to be dropped, please
> file that as a private comment, too.  Doing so saves your administrators
> From a lot of guessing.
> Also, it is still possible to add new mentors.
> On Mon, 11 Apr 2011 22:05:49 -0300, Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva 
> <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Important announcement.
>> -------- Mensagem original --------
>> Assunto:     [Announce] Slot Allocations, Student Proposals, and
>> Deduplication - Long But Important
>> Data:        Mon, 11 Apr 2011 15:59:02 -0700
>> De:  Carol Smith <address@hidden>
>> Para:        Google Summer of Code Mentors List
>> <address@hidden>
>> Hi everyone,
>> This is an email that contains all the information you need for the next
>> couple weeks. Please read it thoroughly and follow the steps through to
>> the end. Dates should be clear, but please let me know if they're not.
>> *Step One :* (Org Admins Only) By your EOD tomorrow (12 April), please
>> make sure your slot allocation request is accurate. Go to My Dashboard
>> --> My Organizations Lists, click on your organization and this will
>> take you to your organization homepage. At the top of the page click the
>> "Edit" link. You'll see two slot numbers on the page - "amazing" and
>> "desired." "Amazing" is your lower threshold - this is the number of
>> slots you would need to accommodate your absolutely most amazing
>> proposals. "Desired" is your upper threshold - this is the number of
>> slots you would love to have in an ideal world. Filling these boxes in
>> shouldn't take long, please just check to make sure they're filled in
>> and accurate.
>> *Step Two:* I will announce slot allocations tomorrow after the close of
>> business pacific time. If you are happy with your slot allocation for
>> this year, you can continue accepting and rejecting proposals until 20
>> April. If your org ends up with more slots than it has excellent
>> proposals (or available mentors), you will be able to give back slots to
>> the pool. To do this, you'll need to click on your Organization Homepage
>> again. Click on "Slots" button (nb: this button isn't there yet but will
>> be soon) and select how many slots you want to give away and add a note
>> to me if you'd like to give them to a particular org. I will approve
>> each of these trades individually.
>> *Step Three:* Please assign mentors to all the proposals you plan to
>> accept (or even hope to accept) ASAP. While it isn't required that we
>> have mentors assigned before we assign slots, it's still a very
>> important indicator to us about your ability to accommodate student
>> projects this year. We want it done as early in the process as possible.
>> It will help me get a better sense of what slot trades to accept or
>> reject as well, so as soon as you've verified your slot requests, please
>> make sure you've assigned your mentors.
>> *Step Four:* You have between now and 20 April to review and accept,
>> reject, ignore, and review your student proposals. How you decide which
>> proposals you accept or reject is up to you - ranking has no bearing on
>> what students are accepted this year. Only students who you explicitly
>> accept will be accepted (I hope this is obvious). You will also be able
>> to accept students in bulk on the dashboard if you so choose.
>> On 20 April I will run our first round of deduplication checks [1].
>> After that, if you are in a duplicate situation with another org, your
>> org admin will be able to see a list in red of the student proposals on
>> the review proposal page that are in this situation and a way to contact
>> the fellow org to work it out. We will have two days to try to resolve
>> as many of these as we can. The final point at which we can resolve
>> these situations is in the deduplication meeting.
>> *Step Five:* You will need to attend the deduplication IRC meeting on
>> Friday, 22 April at 19:00 UTC. Even if you are one of the lucky orgs to
>> not have any duplicates with a fellow org immediately preceding the
>> meeting, you are still required to have someone(s) attend the meeting
>> who can make a quick decision on your behalf when and if our playing
>> around with the system happens to put you in a duplicate situation. This
>> IRC meeting is the last point at which student decisions can be made, so
>> please know your preferences when you go into it. The decisions made in
>> this meeting are final.
>> *Step Six:* Please do not discuss acceptance or rejection with the
>> students until I have announced it on Monday, 25 April.
>> Thanks for your help, everyone! If you have specific questions please
>> email me directly.
>> [1] - For those of you who don't know, "duplication" means a student
>> submitted proposals to multiple orgs and has been accepted by more than
>> one of them. We have to resolve all these duplicate issues before we
>> announce accepted students on 25 April.
>> Cheers,
>> Carol
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> Grüße,
>  Thomas

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva

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