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New Project Idea for GSoC

From: İlim Uğur
Subject: New Project Idea for GSoC
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 14:39:11 +0300


I would like to ask whether I can apply with a new idea for the GSoC that is not listed in the ideas page. (actually, even the application I was thinking of contributing to is not listed on the page)

The idea I have in mind is about WGet. I was thinking of adding metalink support to WGet. I was thinking of applying with a project for GDB, but coincidentally had the chance to hear some demands concerning the idea I just mentioned. Many GNU fans claimed they have been expecting such an improvement but have never seen anyone dealing with it, yet. So I thought I could use this idea for the GSoC, as both the idea is a valuable and useful one and the scope of the project is suitable for the timeline we will be given.

Since there is not much time left, I could use an urgent reply. I look forward to hearing from you.

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