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Re: [STUMP] (not urgent) ratclick

From: Shawn Betts
Subject: Re: [STUMP] (not urgent) ratclick
Date: Thu, 17 May 2007 17:44:17 -0700

Hi all!

I've been lurking for a while (for the record, I haven't
experienced the crashes spoken of lately). Anyway, I was recently
looking at the documentation and such and found a reference to
"ratclick." Anyway, I looked it up in the source, and it had a
commented line:  "FIXME: This function doesn't work."

Anyway, being pigheaded I tried it anyway. I don't know whether
this could be helpful to anyone trying to fix it, but I thought it
might be. I found that it *does* work in some situations.
Specifically, it works in Emacs:  "ratclick" will move the cursor
to wherever the little pointer is. It didn't work in Iceweasel, the
other application I tried it in, however. Anyway, I don't know
whether this has been pointed out already (sorry to waste time if
so) but if it hasn't it seems like it might be good to know that it
sometimes works. Maybe later if I have time and energy I'll try to
dive into the CLX manual and figure something out :-) . This may
not be for a *while*, though, since I'm still fairly new at this
stuff (though I have been booking up a bit) and the next few days
are pretty busy for me.

Hi Amy,

Thanks for the feedback. I wrote the function so I could restore
focus in conkeror, as sometimes it just magically vanishes, and
found it not to work. It's nice to know it at least works in

The reason it doesn't work, I figured, was that clients can
detect "fake" events, such as the click event stumpwm
sends. ratpoison uses the xtest extension which creates
undetectable fake click and key events. Sadly, I don't think any
clx has this implemented. That, I think, would be the Thing To Do
if you were inclined to Do It Right. In clisp's new-clx it'd be
trivial to write since it's a wrapper around xlib. mit-clx and
portable-clx would be maybe a bit trickier. It'd probably be an
interesting task, if you're up for it.


P.S.:  Big thanks to all the stumpwm developers!

You're welcome!


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