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speechd-el in terminal, and braille

From: Nicolas Graner
Subject: speechd-el in terminal, and braille
Date: Wed, 25 Jan 2023 23:50:04 +0100

Hello all,

I am using a braille display for the first time and trying to make it
work in emacs with speechd-el (running emacs 30 in Debian).

In console mode (non-graphic), it works fine.

In a graphic environment, whether I run emacs in its own window or in a
terminal (emacs -nw), it does not communicate with the braille display,
which show "the screen is not in text mode". On the other hand, Orca
works fine and is able to drive the braille display.

Is this normal behavior? Is there a reason why speechd-el cannot
interact with the braille display while Orca can? If not, where should I
look for a possible source of the problem?

Thanks for any help,

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