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Re: Speechd-el widget presentation

From: Peter Vágner
Subject: Re: Speechd-el widget presentation
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2022 21:41:19 +0100
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Dňa 2. 11. 2022 o 20:49 Milan Zamazal napísal(a):
The link and other widget hints are reported using ‘message’ function.
There is an advice in speechd-el on the function that speaks the message
immediately.  Only after it, post-command-hook that reads the text in
the buffer is invoked.

I think a new speechd-el configuration option could be introduced that

- disable reading messages in the advice when inside an interactive
  command or perhaps when entering a text with help-echo property;
- invoke reading the current message at the end, rather than beginning,
  of the speechd-el post-command hook (which speaks the message too,
  unless it has already been spoken).

The change as such shouldn’t be difficult to implement but it may be
non-trivial to decide when to suppress reading messages in the advice.
For example, what if there are multiple messages within a single command
or how about long-running interactive commands.  There is a risk of
missed messages in such cases.  And there may be cases when there is
always better to read messages immediately.

Hmm. This sounds too complicated to me.
From the users point of view these widget related messages serve the similar functionality as the tooltips within the traditional graphic UI.
Authors tend to put link targets, identifiers and similar things in there it's why I started asking about this.
Also when reading elisp code function that opened the current level of parentheses is being reported this way.
After reading your explanation I am now afraid we might loose some important messages when this will be changed. So I see it as a difficult decision.



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