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Speechd-el widget presentation

From: Peter Vágner
Subject: Speechd-el widget presentation
Date: Tue, 1 Nov 2022 20:09:49 +0100
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I have a question regarding reporting interactive widgets with speechd-el. I don't know the correct terminology so I'll give my steps and a request what I'd like to tweak.

* Launch emacs and notice the tutorial has loaded. Of course speechd-el is running too and is configured to speak. * Now use the tab or S-tab to move over the link widgets in the current buffer.

When navigating to a link by line, by word or by character it's presented like a normal text. When navigating to a link by pressing tab or S-tab shortcut the link reporting is prepended with some kind of description saying "follow this link". Is there a way to reconfigure speechd-el so the content of the link will get reported first with the hint saying "follow this link" appended rather than prepended?

This behaviour can be seen elsewhere e.g. in customization buffers too. I have chosen links presentation as an example so I can try explaining better what I am looking for.

Thanks and greetings


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