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Re: No DNS records anymore - alternative ?

From: Andreas Puls
Subject: Re: No DNS records anymore - alternative ?
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2021 12:04:34 +0200
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Am 21.07.2021 um 14:10 schrieb Andrew Gallagher:
On 20/07/2021 21:49, Andreas Puls wrote:
Do we have any Pool alternative yet, or shall we just "quit" it ?

Whether you want to quit it depends on what you're doing "it" for. :-)

Yeah, but currently i don't have any effort to do something anymore :)
99.99% of bandwitdh is just keypeering - meanig shuffleing keys from
left to right and from right to left.
And no request in my logfiles....

There is currently no pool, although there has been some discussion over
on the gnupg-devel list about restarting one. I'm skeptical of the
utility of such a thing (see my earlier posts for why, I don't want to
be a bore). But I hope that a synchronising network of keyservers can
survive, and grow to include, etc.
- so IMO having a healthy community of keyserver operators is still

IIRC Debain / Ubuntu ships as default keyserver "", right ?

I will shut down my 3 Keyserver. If there is any proposal for a pool
again maybe i will join it.

Best regards

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