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Re: [Sks-devel] terminating

From: Jeff Johnson
Subject: Re: [Sks-devel] terminating
Date: Wed, 08 Sep 2010 15:51:46 -0400

On Sep 8, 2010, at 3:22 PM, Peter Pramberger wrote:

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> Kim Minh Kaplan schrieb am 08.09.2010 19:09:
>> Compared to proper deletion of keys from the SKS network these
>> mecanism enable each server admin to abide by his own policy.  They
>> also have their cons: solution 1 could lead to some form of
>> partitioning of the network.  Also peers will know which key is being
>> blacklisted through the recon protocol.  Solution 2 could be one step
>> short of fullfilling legal obligations as the data is still in the
>> database.
> It's pretty clear in this direction: the data has to be *deleted*. Which, in
> this case, affects the local database.

If *deleted* in legalese means
        Key is persistently not present on the server. Period.
then only a blacklist filter on the receive gossip is acceptable
firewall engineering imho.

Why the litigous luser wishes to "own" some random MPI's forevermore
is kind of ironic.

I'm perfectly comfortable with "42" in Douglas Adams estate, and Ramanujan
can have 1729 forever (1728+1 AND 10+9 are the cube roots ;-), but
Joe Random luser has no claim on MPI's imho.

73 de Jeff

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