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patch for PolyBEzier commands

From: Valentin Ungureanu
Subject: patch for PolyBEzier commands
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 10:22:33 +0200
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I added two patches to savannah; it seems it doesn't send notification

One is really small and silences a DeprecationWarning in python 2.3:

The other reintroduces the commands that operate on the nodes and
segments of a PolyBezier; I took the texttool as an example of how to
do it.

I intend to port the other three commands too (Combine/Split Beziers
and Convert To Curve).     

And, related to curves, you might find interesting that Raph Levien 
studies a new type of curve and made a small demo program which is
very fun to use:


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