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write command-result to console

From: Maximilian Kirchner
Subject: write command-result to console
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 23:35:41 +0200


I want to use screen to keep track of my gameservers - for instance my 
minecraft server.
Now I want to send the command "list" (which lists all players) to the server 
and write the result in a file.
When I use "screen -p 0 -S minecraft-w1 -X eval 'stuff list\015'" the command 
is evaluated, but I can only see the result when returning to screen via 
"screen -r minecraft-w1". Is there any way to write the result to my shell or 
into a file?
The command "list" is not executed as an own command but just as a prompt 
within the minecraft-server, so I cannot just pipe the command-output into a 

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