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Sending commands to a process which runs inside screen

From: Stefan Kuhlemann
Subject: Sending commands to a process which runs inside screen
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2011 19:05:25 +0200
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Hello List,

I'm looking for a solution for a problem which keeps nagging me for
quite some time...

I'm running a win32-software(using wine) on my linux box in background,
which comes with its own in-build-'command-shell'. It's running within a
screen-session, since I have to check the status and stuff by typing
commands into the command-shell of this win32-app (eg. 'stats' or
'get_connect') from time to time.

Now - it would be extremely helpfull, if I would be able to post those
commands to this screen-session automated - instead of reattaching to
the screen-session and doing it by hand over and over again....

I've tried:

screen -X stats (wont work bc. the 'stats' get's executed as a
bash-command (?))
screen -X at stats  (does nothing at all)

Any ideas?



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